Blog 1 Pt. IV

In what ways do you think that Web 3.0 technologies (i.e., the Semantic Web) will change a user’s experience when using the Web? What implications will there be for privacy when the Semantic Web is coupled with “The Internet of Things”? Do you think there will be a blurring of what humanity is when data becomes machine understandable and the world is full of completely pervasive computer/sensor devices that collect data on just about every characteristic of the physical environment? Look at how other students have answered this question and comment on their blogs.

In terms of the ways that Web 3.0 will change a user’s experience, I think the process of using the web and getting it to work for you will become much more streamlined. It will seem more as though it is more ‘personalised’ and intelligent, almost seeming like a personal assistant.  One example I read about whilst researching this attempted to show how you could read a whole sentence to a search engine and it would respond accurately despite how advanced the sentence was.  Several time consuming tasks will be able to be accomplished while taking a fraction of the time and effort previously required.
In comparison to the Web 2.0 I also think the presentation, organized and delivery of information and content will be much more ‘elegant’ as well as the way the users interact with it.

In terms of privacy obviously there must be high levels of security with the amount of personal data that will be consistently being uploaded to the Web. This data combined with the information contained in the “Internet of Things” must be heavily secured otherwise breaches of security could have severe consequences. As the technology advances, I believe that the privacy concerns will be addressed as the law will find a way to catch up the technology though as the recent NSA scandal shows, their has to be boundaries to avoid a violation of that privacy (check out the PRISM program to see how your Web 3.0 data could be used without your knowledge ). Those ‘anonymous’ users of forums/blogs/sites/services are now able to be tracked through the meta data that is sent and these methods of tracking are only going to become more effective.   This balancing act between taking precautions and violating ones right to privacy may take time to adjust and will always be on-going but just as Web 2.0 has shown, it is possible to have the two co-exist.

Humanity will always be clearly defined and able to be distinguished from the machines imitating them, however advanced these imitations may be. Unless these machines are able to think (not simulate though, but obtain genuine inspiration and think for themselves) then humanity will always be able to be separated despite any blurring that may occur. That being said, I am by no means saying that computers will not be able to pass off convincingly as humans or make particular logical decisions, but these decisions will simply be part of the programming and regardless how advanced a level of AI it may possess, it cannot replicate the in depth and complex nature of the brain.
At the end of the day, despite all of the 21st Century bells and whistles, modern technologies are just tools are created for humanity to utilize and will remain that way for a long time.

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2 Responses to “Blog 1 Pt. IV”

  1. aaronhenderson91 Says:

    You’re a clever man, had the same thinking for the blurring of humanity.

    • dudeman316 Says:

      Thank you kind internet stranger!
      Soon (not too soon but soon nonetheless) you and I shall unite our bodies and minds in a Pacific Rim-esque mech and enslave those who oppose us. We shall reign supreme until the cyborg uprising.

      But yeah.

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