Blog 1 Pt. I

Write a short post introducing yourself on your blog.  Answer the following questions:

  • What degree are you doing?
  • How soon until you graduate?
  • What do you think this subject is about, and what do you hope to get out of it?
  • Have you ever maintained a blog before?
  • What job are you interested in once you graduate?

Greetings Blogosphere!
Well as introduced on the previous blog post, I’m Daniel Schwass and I am currently a second year IT student studying at Griffith, Nathan though I am unsure if I’ll stay exactly where I am or transfer/take up another degree or anything like that.
As I am only in second year now I have a couple of years left of my degree to complete.

I consider this course to be largely about the different components of the Web (both 2.0 and 3.0) and how this information can be organized, displayed and shared to other people. I would hope to get a deep insight into these matters and understand these concepts thoroughly so I can be prepared in the event that this knowledge is required later on.

I have maintained blogs in the past on a few different websites (MySpace ftw) and have some experience and familiarity with them though this is my first blog used for university purposes so only time will tell how that will differ!
Currently I am still deciding what particular field I would prefer to work in so I cannot be 100% sure what type of job I would like to acquire upon graduation. I am looking at all options currently as I progress through the different subjects and am attempting to get a taste for everything before choosing a definitive field (although I did enjoy Information Systems & Web Design quite a bit).


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