Blog 1 Pt. II


Pulse is available on numerous platforms

Use a feed reader of your choice to subscribe to several feeds for sites that you frequently visit. Write a blog post about your experience after using a feed reader every day for a week. What are at least two benefits and drawbacks of using a feed reader?

I have been using the feed reader Pulse for my devices for quite some time now simply as a way to obtain and select from a wide variety of content. I have always found these applications to be quite useful as they provide for me what I consider as essentially my own personalized magazine with content only I am personally interested in.

One of the benefits of these readers is the way that content is presented. Pulse in particular (in my opinion) displays the information in an organised, visually appealing and easily accessible manner. On mobile devices this is a large factor to me as a consumer. Additionally the fact that so much information is able to be accessed almost immediately after hitting the web is fantastic and all I need to do is open Pulse up and start browsing. Personally these applications nearly replace the need to manually search for news and information over the web and provide the added bonus of removing the clutter and content that doesn’t appeal to me. As I use Pulse mainly on my mobile devices (there is a HTML version of the application), this allows me to take vast amounts of information and stories that are tailored to my taste around in a mobile form factor which is more appealing than carting around books and magazines to me at least.

The issues that I have with the readers are relatively small and are slowly being fixed (primarily through version updates and patches) over time, some of the websites I would like don’t have RSS feeds available currently though these are continuously being updated and will presumably eventually be available.

Also, though I subscribe to feeds which I find relevant and interesting, this does not necessarily mean all of the information presented is appealing to me. . This however, is nit-picking slightly as there is little that could be done to easily fix this issue at the moment and it appears that the issues are becoming less frequent.

Certain features are restricted within the application until signed up to a Pulse account which could also turn off many users although I had an account prior to this week so there wasn’t an issue.

Lastly, the primary problem with these readers is that because there are so many out there from a variety of third parties (Google Currents and Flipboard spring to mind), each has their own advantages, weaknesses and differences. Pulse being a relatively popular reader has few disadvantages but bugs, different various and a lack of updates could significantly detract from the overall experience.


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