Blog 3 Pt. I

Design a web site about something that you like (preferably business or educational in nature).  The web site must be of a small to medium size (no less than ten pages). 

1. Describe exactly who the anticipated audience is, and how the particular characteristics of this audience will affect the design and implementation of your web site.  You must be very specific.  Outline the target audience’s characteristics such as gender, age, demographics, and socio-economic background.


For this component of Blog 3, I have selected a Travel Agency with online components allowing users to book various parts of their journey requiring only access to a browser of their choice. This site design must reflect both professionalism and ease of access allowing any user from the target market to perform the sites core function as easily as possible.

The site provides the ability to book: flights, hotels, cruises and hire a car as its primary services. In addition to these services, users (satisfied or dis-satisfied) can leave feedback on the site courtesy of the Customer Reviews section and also access related information such as Travel Insurance amongst others.

Target Market:
As an online travel agency, a particular target market is difficult to narrow down. This is due to the fact that people from a wide range of demographics require travel services as opposed to one specific sub-group of people. With online agencies and booking become more and more popular in the modern age, the target market could range from teenagers to the elderly though admittedly older customers may prefer to go to a physical store to receive face-to-face interaction. Therefore it is a fair assumption that while the site can be accessed by all demographics to the same standard, the site focuses primarily on young adults to the middle aged with no specific gender particularly targeted. In terms of location, as website users from any part of the world can access and utilise the site so there is no specific geographic requirements, although Australians are more likely to stumble upon the site compared to users from the opposite side of the world.

The visitors have no educational or even technological requirements to meet with the exception of being able to at some level, use a browser and possess basic computer skills.
The website can be used to book services both domestically and internationally therefore this allows all users regardless of their income and financial status (i.e. simply booking a cheap flight to Sydney or a first class ticket to London) to utilise the services of the agency without their finances dramatically impacting the decision.
Based off this information the target market (note this is the target market, the sites visitors are by no means limited to these few types of users) can be safely said to include:

  • Experienced/Inexperienced Travellers
  • Young to middle aged adults
  • People from all locations
  • Mid-high level of income
  • Students and business orientated users
  • Both individuals/families and groups requiring travel (i.e. Sports teams)

Site Layout:

The website design largely reflects the sites target audience, featuring a simplistic layout that makes great use of available screen space. The site doesn’t overcomplicate with unnecessary features which will benefit both experienced and infrequent travellers equally.
The colour scheme aims to achieve: a visual appeal to all users, remain consistent throughout all site pages and also not distract from the core site services. The background of all pages will feature a Blanched Almond-esque blending with a white gradient. Applying large and easily readable black headings and text on all pages ensures that each element of the site can be easily viewed regardless of who is viewing it.
With this colour scheme and layout in place, this also allows users to view the website on a variety of different devices including laptops, desktops, phones and tablets.

Each page of the website is navigated via the simply clicking on the appropriate section with each being labelled accordingly. This navigation bar will remain on each page allowing the user to travel throughout the site as they please.

The overall site-layout strongly resembles websites that operate a similar service, this therefore allows a visitor to automatically know where to go and how to use the site based off prior experiences with these types of sites.

ANS-0001-TRL free-web-template-exotic-travel-agency


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